[time-nuts] Thermal impact on OCXO

Lars Walenius lars.walenius at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 16 14:58:13 EST 2016

Many thanks to Dan!

A question: About what temperature span has it been during these runs? Or do you have the temperature coefficient? Seems that the yellow line has about 50ppt due to temperature.

For the orange it seems to me to have about 6E-12/day aging, is that high? Compared to the Tbolts Tom showed they seems to be very good. (Hope Tom will publish temperature data soon)


Från: Bob Stewart<mailto:bob at evoria.net>
Skickat: den 7 november 2016 22:41

My friend and mentor Dan Kemppainen's posts apparently aren't making it to the list so I thought I'd forward this one.

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Subject:     Re: Thermal impact on OCXO
Date:     Sun, 06 Nov 2016 12:00:23 -0500
From:     dan at irtelemetrics.com

For what it's worth, Some data from a few of Bob's units:

This is the EFC data for 4 separate units over the last 1120 Hours.
Since the EFC ranges are different for some of the oscillators, the EFC
value has been converted to uHz for each unit. The uHz is more
meaningful to me on the same graph.

Interestingly the Grey and Yellow traces exhibit quite a bit of wander,
but a linear best fit puts them nearly flat. Although basically
meaningless numbers the linear fit is at 8e-14 and 3e-15 in this graph.
Now, these units do exhibit a somewhat high correlation between
temperature and DAC change, but that data isn't handy right now. It's
sort of buried here, as these are long term graphs.

The Green trace looks pretty nice, even if you consider the 1.3e-12 per
day drift. This unit has basically no correlation between DAC and

The orange trace, well lets just say this oscillator may get replaced
someday. It exhibits both exhibits a high DAC to temperature
correlation, and long term drift. It just won't settle down.

As best as I can determine from these units the temperature dependence
and long term drift is mostly from the oscillator. The long term drift
of the EFC appears to be minimal as does the thermal drift of the EFC
circuit. However as Bob Camp and others have pointed out is is not
trivial to measure such things, so take my conclusions with a grain of salt.


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