[time-nuts] Dual GPSDO - any advantage?

Richard Solomon w1ksz at outlook.com
Tue Apr 10 11:41:02 EDT 2018

As we say in the world of DX'ing (Ham Radio) ...

"Work First Worry Later"

I just ordered two of them. If they are bogus, e-Bay will make good on them.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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Is this auction # 273145006434, actually showing at $9.77 here in the UK, and from a recently registered zero rated seller?

If so, and given that the auction text, and perhaps the photos too, seem to be taken from one or more of Bob Mokia's
auctions dating back a couple of years or so, and that this price is approximately $100 below the norm, perhaps
a degree of caution might be worthwhile.

It's either a very sad mistake, from the seller's point of view anyway, or perhaps something a little more devious!

Nigel, GM8PZR

I`ve just bought two GPSDO`s from China @ US$9-50 each [This is not an
error!] They are stated as being new, and use a Trimball dual oven OCXO. I
plan to run these in parallel [2 antennas, 2 feedlines, and 2 GPSDO`s] It`s
been said that a man with two watches is never happy - unless, of course,
they agree with each other ;-). Being identical the outputs should be
coherent, unless one becomes faulty [one advantage of having two - any
discrepancy and you know something must be wrong]], but is there some
crafty way I can squeeze a little more "accuracy" out of two than if I only
used one?
TIA for your comments............................................Donald
Brett Collie ZL4GX

PS : I have no connection to the eBay seller. The US$9-50 seems to include
a basic puck antenna, long downlead, and 4 interseries adaptors

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