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David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Aug 13 05:06:14 EDT 2018

From: Craig Kirkpatrick

I do like the idea of a GPS to WWVB timecode radio transmitter.  I think 
that would sell well to folks on the fringe of coverage for WWVB such as 
Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska or other parts of the globe.  I’ve found the 
real limitation to reception of WWVB is local 60kHz noise in the home.  For 
instance if I have a fan running to cool things in my shack then my WWVB 
clocks will not sync successfully.

I hope Nick Sayer is reading this and getting the idea to make a GPS to WWVB 
timecode radio transmitter, clever gent that he is.  :-)

Best Wishes,

What would be very useful would be if the design could also emulate the UK 
MSF transmissions at 60 kHz (simple on/off coding) and perhaps the DCF77 
transmissions at 77.5 kHz.

One issue (at least with the UK 198 kHz transmitter) is the unobtainability 
of spares such as the high-power valves, I understand.  You're right that 
many devices rely on these LF transmissions, but so do many FM radios rely 
on analogue transmissions which are going, if not already partially gone, in 

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