[time-nuts] nuts about position

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 3 19:35:02 EDT 2018

As far as I'm concerned anything that you can do to improve the position accuracy,  environmental changes,  noise environment, etc is a good thing.   Minimizing errors and disturbances can't hurt and may even improve things.  How much any improvement  provides ... ???   But  time nuts tend to be a bit nutty about minimizing our therbligs  ;-)

Most receiver self-surveys seem to get your lat/lon to the 2-3 meter range.   Heather's median survey is in the 1-2 meter range.  PPP data is in the < 0.25 meter range... seems like something worthwhile.  (altitude errors are usually around twice the lat/lon error).

There is always the possibility that some receiver model's computation of lat/lon/alt could have some intrinsic bias in it.   If so,  a position calculated by an external source could possibly degrade performance... 


> Is this applicable to a Thunderbolt, and would this improved position
accuracy be expected to improve the time accuracy from a Thunderbolt
compared to using the older Lady Heather 24 hour self survey method?

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