[time-nuts] Raw phase data of super-5065

Ralph Devoe rgdevoe at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 11:25:27 EDT 2018

     This is not a Super-5065, but it might be interesting. Its a 12 day
measurement of a stock 5065a against a 5071a cesium standard. There are 10K
points at 100 second intervals. It passes through 10(-13) at about the 6000
second mark and settles in at 5-7 x10(-14) at longer times.
      I think this is a lucky measurement, in that during this period our
weather was very stable (as it  often is in Northern California during the
summer). The barometric pressure at the local airport only varied by +/- 4
mbar during the twelve days.  If you use Corby's value of 1.4 x 10(-14) per
mbar from May, 2016 then this seems reasonable. The temperature is also
very stable in Leo Holberg's very quiet lab at Stanford. We're setting up
to log pressure and temperature.
      The other unusual thing about this 5065a is that its aging rate is
very low, way below 10(-12) per month.  I've been tracking it since Jan
2018 and I can't yet get a good number. Its an old unit, made in 1975, and
appears to have been turned off for many years. The diode board is just
slightly singed, not brown at all. Its been turned on continuously for the
last two years.
       This was measured with a sine-wave fitter, but any method should
give the same results, given the long times. I've also been comparing my
other "newer" 5065a against the 5071a and it shows the usual warmup drift
and has a standard aging rate.

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