[time-nuts] HP cesium beam tube life

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 19 20:43:44 EDT 2018

Yo Dudes!
A while back someone asked about the life of a HP Cs tube.
 Fromthe HP 5061B Operators Manual:
 “2.7  The shelf life of the cesium beam tube I twoyears at storage temperatures up to +35 C (+95F) if the ion pump is operated 2 or 3 times a year.  If the ion pump is not operated to maintainthe vacuum within the cesium beam tube, the expected shelf life is reduced.”

 “2.8  Temperature during storage and shipmentshould be limited as follows:

 a.   Maximum temperature: +75 C (167F).  Long term storage: +35 C (95F).

 b.   Minimum temperature: - 40 C  (-40).
Whenstoring the HP 5061B for 6 months or longer, set the MODE switch to CS OFF andapply continuous as line power to the instrument.  This enables the ion pump to maintain thevacuum within the cesium beam tube with the cesium beam tube off.”
Bold emphasis by HP
Mysnarky comment about 2.7.   Shelf lifeinfers a tube uninstalled in storage.  OK,how about a detailed procedure with drawings, for taking the tube and temporarilyrunning the ion pump to extend the shelf life?.  Apparently no oneread this comment and thought about its logical implementation. 





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