[time-nuts] GPS Antenna Grounding/Lightning protection.

Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
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Seems to me that lightning protection for timenuts who put things on
masts keeps this from being completely off topic.

People who store explosives in earthen bunkers have learned from many
years of experience how far away bunkers have to be spaced so than an
explosion in one bunker won't affect others. That same body of
experience came up with the cone of protection.

It is not a myth.

Note that lightningsafety.com sells lightning protection. The scrolling
set of pictures on the home page shows a picture of four masts
protecting a rocket launch site.

Bill Hawkins

P.S. Lightning can enter a home in other ways. A neighbor had a direct
hit to a tree 15 feet from the house. After generating enough steam in a
2 foot diameter tree to split the length of it, a side strike hit an
outdoor light and did considerable damage in the house. The tree was not
the highest thing around. That same strike produced an EMP that took out
one of my two GPS antennas, about 100 feet away. The time from flash to
BANG was about 100 milliseconds. No, I didn't measure it - I experienced

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About that "cone of protection"

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