[time-nuts] X72 and 1pps

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 3 19:49:55 EST 2018

Try enabling the PPS input form the "P menu.

Also, to verify that it is using the PPS input try the &a auto-tune command.  It will set the TIC  and DDS tune word to to 0, collect data for for however long you requested (an hour is a good start), then calculate the drift rate and set the DDS tune word to put the device on frequency.  The EE command should set save the DDS word in EEPROM.    If the unit is seeing the PPS input, you should see the PPS plot stepping as the DDS freq drifts.

Many of the X72 settings cannot be read back from the unit.  Heather maintains a "software eeprom" with the settings that it knows about in the file "tbeeprom.dat".  Until you update a setting, what is displayed for that setting may not be correct.  Use the "P" menu to set each of the settings so that Heather can learn what they are.  When Heather starts up, it restores all the last settings from the file.

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