[time-nuts] RF isolation amplifier question

Mike Feher mfeher at eozinc.com
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Corby -


>From the schematic it does not look like anything special but only a 50 ohm
in and out circuit with fairly high isolation due to the common base of the
second BFT66. You may be able to simply use a newer MMIC from one of the
many sources to replace the assembly if you know the gain. Get one with more
gain than needed and then use a resistive attenuator for additional
isolation. I did not see the variable Johanson on the schematic and there
are no tuned circuits that I can see, at least not LC wise. I would think
you could measure the Johanson by removing it from the board. Since I do not
know the exact purpose of the amp I do not really understand why it has to
be so critical. Regards - Mike 


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I removed this amp from the EFOS2 Maser as it was intermittent.


Of course now I can't get it to fail on the bench!


I have fabricated a new PC board to replace it and have the components on


Note the 12pfd cap on the collector .


Some notes I have indicate is select at test and that is it a glass


The as built unit has a johansen 50pf that looks to be an early version of
surface mount with leads soldered on.


How do I determine what value to install on the new amplifier?





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