[time-nuts] Dealing with Oscillators

Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 24 16:34:11 EDT 2018


   Thanks for all the help in taking my stuff. If you haven't heard 
from me directly, all the boards in the four batches have been 
spoken for.

I do have some oscillators which I suspect will be in high demand. 
I'll list them and provide photographs soon.

I have received a number of helpful suggestion on how to disperse them.

This was my favorite courtesy Bill Hawkins:

"Quickly, there was a man named Larry Ware who ran a Home for 
Wayward Test Equipment. He established what came to be called "The 
Rules of Ware" for selling things.

Rather than first reply, he offered stuff to people with the best 
story for how they would use it."

I'd like to run with that.

I also think I will try and spread them out to as many people as 
possible. I'll also wait a week before deciding so that you don't
have to feel in a hurry to make your requests.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

As usual, unless you are Moses with tablets or have a Larry Ware 
story to share, let's keep comments off the main list out of respect 
for the moderator.


Bob Martin

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