[time-nuts] 10 MHz -> 16 MHz

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Sep 30 00:15:51 EDT 2018

> What's a clever, simple, reliable (pick 2 of 3) way to get 16 MHz out of 10
> MHz? Low phase noise isn't a big requirement and jitter doesn't need to be
> sub-nanosecond. The main requirement is perfect cycle count accuracy. This is
> for driving a 16 MHz microcontroller from a 10 MHz Rb/Cs/GPSDO. 10 MHz input
> is likely sine; 16 MHz output is 3v3 or 5v CMOS. 

There should be a PLL chip that includes the M and N dividers, but I'm not 
familiar with that area.

Some/many ARM chips include PLLs so you can use a convenient Xtal and run the 
CPU at a higher speed.  You might look for low cost break out boards for an 
SoC ARM.  Remove their Xtal, feed your 10 MHz into the right pad.  Program it 
to setup one of the counter/timers to do the right divide.

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