[time-nuts] 10 MHz -> 16 MHz

Bob Martin aphid1 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 30 13:22:29 EDT 2018

    My 2 cents. Attached image is a little board with OCXO that 
outputs 16MHz locked automatically to either 5 or 10MHz. I have 
several that will be part of the oscillator giveaway.

I bet someone can figure out how it works from the picture!


Bob Martin

On 9/29/2018 9:57 PM, Tom Van Baak wrote:
> What's a clever, simple, reliable (pick 2 of 3) way to get 16 MHz out of 10 MHz? Low phase noise isn't a big requirement and jitter doesn't need to be sub-nanosecond. The main requirement is perfect cycle count accuracy. This is for driving a 16 MHz microcontroller from a 10 MHz Rb/Cs/GPSDO. 10 MHz input is likely sine; 16 MHz output is 3v3 or 5v CMOS.
> Thanks,
> /tvb
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