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Do you know more about the alarm pinouts... what their setpoints or trigger levels are?

73 Jerry

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>   1. Lucent RFTG-M-XO reference question (Tom Clifton)
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>Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 08:27:21 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Tom Clifton <kc0vsj at yahoo.com>
>Subject: [time-nuts] Lucent RFTG-M-XO reference question
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>Before I go and spend $150 on eBay for one - I would
>like to know if they can be used as a stand-alone GPS
>desciplined oscillator without the 10mhz input from
>the rubidium unit.
>Also - has anybody found a manual on-line for one of
>these guys?
>73 - Tom in St. Louis
>There was an older posting from Oct 2005 describing
>the RFG-M unit:
>The board you are describing is used in the Lucent
>RFG-M-XO reference frequency generator. It takes in 10
>MHz on J2 from a Rubidium oscillator and disciplines
>the Efratom SC cut OCXO on the main board from the 10
>MHz input. 
>The output from the OCXO is converted to 15 MHz and
>supplied as the reference output on J4. 
>The RFG-M-RB and RFG-M-XO normally mount together in a
>chassis (which I didn 't get) and the modules are
>connected to the chassis by a harness with a DB15 on
>the chassis end. The pin out for the harness is as
>DB15M     TO/Pin#                  Description
>Pin #
>1            RFG0 - P1-1            +24v 1.3A/0.6A
>2            RFG0 - P1-2            Common
>3            RFG1 - P1-1            +24v 0.6A/0.4A
>4            RFG1 - P1-2            Common
>10          RFG0 - J3-1             Alarm
>11          RFG0 - J3-2             Alarm
>12          RFG1 - J3-1             Alarm
>13          RFG1 - J3-2             Alarm
>A second interface cable ties the RB to the XO as
>RBJ5   XOJ5
>Pin #    Pin#
>1            5
>3            3
>The male DB9 is P1 and pin 1 = +24v @ 400ma, Pin 2 =
>Common. This will power
>up the board so you can verify operation of the OCXO.
>Unfortunately that is
>all the information I have on the unit.
>Hope this helps.
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