[time-nuts] Which voltage regulator chips offer good performance...?

Arthur Dent golgarfrincham at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 27 09:34:56 EDT 2010

Neville Michie-"The whole aim of this exercise was to be able to 
support the Tbolt with a 12 volt lead acid battery (20AH) and so 
have an uninteruptable power supply."

I chose a different route. I bought a small DC-DC converter that runs 
from +9 to +18 in and has 3 outputs of +5/+12/-12. The efficiency is 
quite high and allows a wider operating range on the input. I haven't 
put this together and tested it as a complete package yet but using 
the DC-DC converter keeps it simple. I know a lot of people would try 
to avoid the DC-DC switchers but for what I'm doing they work fine. 
You do have to be very careful with filtering and grounds on the supply.
Lucent used DC-DC converters in the RFTG series of GPS/XO/Rb 
units they made And the Thunderbolt "E" series dis as well.


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