[time-nuts] Time Code generator

Stan, W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Fri Dec 3 09:22:55 EST 2010

Hello The Net:

Another possible application is for a pocket digital recorder to 
generate a serial time code, record it,
and also allow 2 channels channels (stereo) of simultaneous audio recording.

One pocket digital recorder I am looking at is the Olympus model WS-500
(~ 70$ at New Egg)

It may not have "Time-Nut" (10 to the minus 12)  accuracy but it would 
my purpose when recording/logging satellite QSO's in a portable 
operation with
a hand held full duplex, dual band walkie talkie and a hand held/pointed 
dual band yagi antenna.
Audio receive from the satellite downlink would be fed into one audio 
and uplink audio would go to the other audio channel.
I could also live with only one audio channel for the downlink.

On playback the recorder indicates actual time of the recording being 
played back.
After the satellite pass, transcribe the recoded info, or archive it in 
a digital file.

The digital recorder is pocket size allowing hands free operation.
One hand to operate the transceiver and the other hand pointing the antenna.

I have not bought one  yet, but I suspect the archived audio file would
allow time stamping to be played back in the common PC media player 

Is the serial time code IRIG-A/B/C ?  maybe not,  but I can live with 
the existing time code format..

Stan, W1LE      Cape Cod     FN41sr

On 12/3/2010 7:28 AM, Collins, Graham wrote:
> On another list to which I subscribe, the question was asked about the
> suitability of recording WWV 2.5mhz audio as one track when recording
> off the air signals of interest as a time reference.
> The person who asked the question didn't really state his intentions but
> they seem very similar to my immediate needs. That is, simply a time
> reference - that is "the time", the start of the minute, and periodic
> references (i.e. seconds) between the announcements.
> It seems that recording the audio of something like WWV or CHU is ideal.
> However, another approach would be recording a more proper time code
> signal as you might have available from a "precision clock". Of course,
> a decoder would also be required.
> A quick Google search turned up lots of leads which I have yet to sort
> through. In the interim I thought I would pose the question to the
> learned members of this group for their suggestions. Keep in mind KISS
> and that a very high degree of accuracy is not required.
> Is there an opensource/freeware PC app that will generate an appropriate
> time code signal that can be recorded on one track of an audio recorder
> (either PC based i.e. Audacity or standalone) that will also decode via
> soundcard or other input?
> Cheers, Graham ve3gtc
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