[time-nuts] Sayrosa 607B Frequency Synthesiser

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SayRosa may be long gone but a lot of their IP went over to Wayne Kerr and
some is still produced to this day, the 257 automatic modulation meter is
one I think.

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> Perhaps not a very common item, and probably restricted to the UK, but I
> have seen these mentioned here before.
> The 607B was a very nice 2 to 30MHz synthesiser used as the drive unit in
> the UK Diplomatic Service Piccolo radio system.
> Both Sayrosa and Piccolo are long gone, and information has always been
> hard to come by, but I've just scanned the 607B Training Manual and 607B
> Technical Handbook and uploaded PDF versions of both to Mediafire.
> This documentation is quite limited but so far is all I've ever seen for
> the 607B.
> Both can be found in a single file at....
> http://www.mediafire.com/file/c6vv5t71cq741sd/Sayrosa%20607B.zip
> For what it's worth, my experience with these has been that by far the
> most common fault is the familiar shorted tantalum syndrome.
> Nigel GM8PZR
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