[time-nuts] Lady heather on a Raspberry pi

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 9 01:13:21 EST 2018

Lady Heather uses the DTR and RTS modem control signals to control the fan.  If you are using a USB-Serial converter the code should work as-is.  Heather does not have any code specific to a particular type of hardware (such as the PI).

If you are using the PI GPIO serial port, you would need to modify the program to manipulate some GPIO pins.   This is probably best done in the functions SetDtrLine() and SetRtsLIne() in the heather.cpp file... there are Windows and Linux versions of these routines.

The functions apply_heat() and apply_cool() and hold_temp() in heathmsc.cpp could also be modified.  There is also some code to use a parallel port to control the fan, but that is rather Windows/DOS specific.  It could be modified for Linux.

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