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Hi Joe

Like myself you are not a RECENT ham.  Your first radio like mine was probably a Heathkit with Glassfet technology.   Like me you learned how to use WWV to set clocks and your VFO accurately

Fast forward to the ‘current’ generation of hams.  Most have been licensed 15 years or less.   They are interested in SDR, digital modes,  ‘The World Above 50 Mhz’ and to a lesser extent coherent CW.   This generation ‘knows’ WWV as a question in the exam pool and they never met W2NSD.

This is the generation of hams who DONT use WWV.   At many large tech companies you would be surprised at the number of hams but most of them don’t advertise the fact as I’dont because of the undeserved reputation of hams being behind the technology curve.   But everyone is gaga because i have a GROL+RADAR+GMDSS maintainer.

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On Sep 1, 2018, at 8:12 PM, Joe Hobart <nova at npgcable.com> wrote:

Scott McGrath

I am an amateur radio operator (62 years), and I have accurate 1 PPS and 10 MHz
available.  I also coordinate emergency communications for this very large county.

I use WWV:

  To judge propagation during normal and other than normal times

  To set clocks after a power outage

  To calibrate relatively new amateur radio transceivers (not Collins)

  To set my computer clock to better than 1/10 second for FT8 digital mode and
when I was recovering faint asteroids that were in danger of being lost

It is easy to set clocks within 1/10 second while watching the digital display
and listening to the WWV/WWVH tics.  I tend to get the wrong second when I use a
GPS clock.

Joe Hobart

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